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UPDATED 11/1/23


This includes jewelry sales/changes.


If we have time for a walk in we will do our best to accommodate! The tattoo artists are now accepting more walk in business!

You can call, email, text, Instagram, or Facebook us to get an appointment! 

For Piercings/Jewelry Changes: If you are more than 5 minutes late we will have to reschedule your appointment.

Swimming with a fresh piercing or tattoo.
Say NO to Piercing Guns!
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You should avoid submerging your fresh new piercing or tattoo in any bodies of water for AT LEAST one month. The picture above is an image of ocean water magnified 25 times.

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Please read this very important information given by the Association of Professional Piercers regarding piercing guns and your health.

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Not all piercers are created equal. Find out what makes us different than the others. Starting with our jewelry!

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